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What can I say..... We don't smell a thing now, guess that's the point eh?  Martica - Vancouver, Canada

We were having a lot of stinky problems. We use our toilet all the time, we cove-out almost every weekend and hated to flush our toilet whenever we were tied up with someone due to the smell. We just installed your filter and we were amazed…NO STANK!!!!!! Literally. We are so happy. Thank you. Cris in Ohio

Yes Canadian boat holding tanks also smell, not mine anymore, before installing the no stank filter I had tried two other makes both twice the money and complete throw a ways they worked I would say about fifty per cent of odor removal, the no stank is exactly that no stank, and half the money what more could you ask for, smelling like a rose in Canada.  Rick Sheppard - Canada

This filter works as marketed. The best thing is its rechargeable, which will save me $$ in the next few years. Nice job "SeaRus"!  Ivan - Florida

I’m very impressed with the No-Stank filter. It came with the proper fittings and was easy to install. Completely removed the embarrassing odor our guests smelled every time the head flushed. The charcoal pellets do the job, and I like that they’re replaceable. Leo - Alameda, CA

Great products great support I would refer to this company to anyone that owns a boatJack Eisman  - Atl. GA.

The No-Stank filter worked exactly as I had hoped. Our forward holding tank always blasted us when the head was flushed, and that problem completely went away. The charcoal pellets do the job, and the fact they are replaceable makes this product ecologically friendly. I would have no problem tossing a handful of used charcoal pellets over the side, whereas throwing away a used filter canister would give me pause. Nice job!  Keith Weitzman  - Vallejo, CA

Wasn't to sure at first about this type of a product, but after reading about the filter, I thought this might just be the thing I need to take care of the holding tank smell out of my discharge vent, I looked at quite a few products, most of them you have to replace the entire unit, but with this unit only the charcoal needs to be placed every year or so, I installed the unit close to the vent, was fairly easy about two hours and I was done, what a difference it made, no smell and even in the holding tank area inside no smell, great product, thanks.   Bob - Ideal Comfort (45' Ponderosa Tri-Cabin)  - Tacoma Wa.

I wanted to thank you for the excellent communication and shipping on the filter we purchased. Installed over the weekend and was amazed that NO odor was present outside our boat when the toilet was flushed. No more embarrassment for us! Thank you again, we will recommend your filter to all our friends"  Dana Merle  - San Diego, CA

Immediately was effective on our boat. Great filter thanks for the fast shipping and communication. Dan  - Texas

Worked very good. Recommend for anyone with a boat. John  - New Jersey