Marine Holding Tank Vent Filter with Install Kit - 1" Hose - Serviceable


"100% Satisfaction Guarantee"


The No Stank holding tank vent filter (model 22334x1HC) is specially designed to eliminate odors by capturing heavier-than-air gases that come from your holding tank.

The filter is rechargeable at a fraction of the cost of buying those throw away filters each year.

No need for toilet chemicals to control odors in the holding tank. Charged filter last for an entire season or more depending on toilet use.
Constructed with High Quality materials.  Carbon media is specially formulated for maximum air purification with less resistance to air flow through filter. 

Filter footprint 22.3/4" long x 3" wide area (577.85 mm x 76 mm)

The unit includes: Two (2) 1" hose fittings (25 mm) Two (2) threaded / removable end caps w/sealing gaskets. Two (2) Zinc Plated Mounting Clips, Two (2) SS screws.

  • Saves money on initial purchase and every year saves you even more $$$$
  • 30% more filtering area vs. other NON SaniGard (tm) type filters on the market.
  • Easy to install & remove for servicing. Fittings stay on your hoses, simply unscrew end caps for removal & replacement.
  • Eliminates holding tank vent odors.
  • Can mount horizontal or vertical.
  • No need for toilet chemicals to control holding tank odors.
  • Filter lasts an entire season or more depending on toilet use.
  • Easy-to-replace filter carbon material.
  • Recharge filter carbon at pennies on the dollar vs. buying throw away filters each year.
  • Environmentally friendly since you only throw away carbon that ends up in landfills.
  • Installation Instructions (download PDF file here)


This product is a special manufactured item, please allow 3 - 5 days after ordering for shipping

Sales Taxes Charged in Washington State Only

Direct replacement for Dometic (tm) SaniGard (tm) Holding Tank Vent Filter. SaniGard Vent Filter OEM 310006 - 309310006

Other filters on the market are either smaller (less filtering of odors) and/or require replacement (throw-away) each year.